Create your own unique London Wandering Tour

Wanderings are a great way to connect others to the places, people and stories that matter to you!

Book a place on a Living London workshop and learn how to plan and deliver your own personal wandering tour. Take your friends and family on a journey, rediscover the magic of everyday exploration and collectively learn about an area and each other.

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Each workshop includes:

  • a practical session/ wandering tour of Tooting including visits to various hidden gems in the area

  • free lunch (lots of delicious world food options in Tooting Market)

  • a one-to-one session to help you develop your walk

Don’t forget to bring:

  • a map of the area you’d like to deliver your tour

  • lots of enthusiasm!


The workshops take place in Tooting bi- month. They last up to 4 hours and cost £50 (per person). Maximum 6 spaces per workshop.

Upcoming Workshops

October 16th, 11am - 2pm

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