Citizens of London

In a series of talks hosted by citizenM, and organised and facilitated by Living London, inspiring Londoners are offered a platform to talk about the incredible work they’re involved in and to share stories of the communities and places that make London what it is.


Katie Wignall, Monday 25th November

In the next edition of #citizensofLondon we’ll be joined by Katie Wignall, a multi award-winning London history blogger and prize-winning Blue Badge Guide.

Founder of the Look Up London project, Katie seeks to encourage people to discover things they've never noticed before by simply looking up and noticing the special and wondrous details that often go unnoticed and the stories behind them. Katie has been running London walking tours for three years, sharing the London history that’s hiding above the eyeline. 

Come along and discover what it's like to be a prominent tour guide in London, the joys, quirks and challenges that come with the job and discover ways in which you can turn your passion into your livelihood. 

Date: 25th November Time: 7:00 – 8:30PM, Venue: cloudM (rooftop), citizenM Tower of London, EC3N 4DJ. Free.

Past Speakers


David Lindo

A born and bred Londoner, David is The Urban Birder- broadcaster, writer, speaker and tour leader. His mission is to engage city folk around the world with the plentiful urban nature that surrounds them.

Hear David share his inspiring journey into the world urban bird watching, find out where the best secret wildlife spots are around the capital and discover 'How to be an Urban Birder' yourself! Click here to buy his new book. 

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Sofia Niazi

Sofia Niazi, is the editor and co-founder of small press publication OOMK and curator and co-founder of DIY Cultures festival. As part of OOMK, she currently runs a community risograph print studio in Newham.

Sofia has produced work for Migration Museum, Museum of London, Barbican and The Guardian. She regularly leads workshops and delivers talks about her work in community, gallery and academic settings.


Rachel Wang 

Rachel Wang, is the Creative Director of award-winning digital project 1000 Londoners. Listen to Rachel share stories and discover insights that she has learnt from filming a least one short documentary a week since 2014.

Rachel is the founder of Chocolate Films, a leading digital content agency for galleries and museums in the UK and Europe. She is a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery and is on the UK Council of the Creative Industries Federation. 

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James Burns

Born and raised in vibrant North London, James Burns, London’s resident rooftop photographer, has been documenting London from above for over a decade gaining access to some of London’s tallest buildings and structures for a view of the city that only few have seen. His stunning photographs have been featured in the BBC, Guardian and the Independent. James also runs various photography workshops in different areas. 

Come along and find out more about Jame’s journey into becoming photographer, the stories surrounding his iconic captures and discover some of the best accessible rooftops around the city. You will also hear tips and tricks on how to improve your own photography skills and make the most of London’s eclectic weather conditions to capture the changing moods and spirit of the city.

Saad Eddine Said

Known for his City Take-Overs, Saad Eddine Said is a creative curator who creates bridges between local communities, artists, activists, social entrepreneurs and innovators to co-create impactful takeovers that are focused on shaping and re-imagining the future of our cities. He is the previous CEO and Co-Artistic Director of the charity Terre Sans Frontiere (Morocco) and currently works as an Artistic Director (Up Next) in Battersea Arts Centre (UK). Saad Eddine Said has also been working internationally as a documentary filmmaker and has presented his work and vision in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Come along and find out how impactful creative takeovers can change public perceptions of place and people, how the arts can be used to bridge gaps between communities and create lasting change and the exciting work Saad has been involved in working as an Artistic Director at Battersea Arts Centre

Dominique Sisley

Dominique is the Digital editor of Huck Magazine a bi-monthly magazine that celebrates independence, seeking out the artists, activists and creative pioneers who are challenging mainstream culture. A London-based writer, Dominique has focused mainly on sexuality, psychology and human nature, as well as emerging or extreme cultural trends.

A former News Editor at Dazed, her writing has appeared in Vice, Elle, i-D, The Times and Time Out. Her stories on London shed light on various hidden stories and spaces, from its first care home to its oldest mannequin factory. Come along and find out how stories can inform, inspire, and change the way in which we relate to the people, places and communities around us. 

Jay Richards

Jay Richards is the founder of DivInc, a social enterprise that helps underestimated 11-18 years olds launch their own startups and gain investment by inspiring, equipping and funding them.

Come along and hear Jay share his inspiring journey of going from being stuck in a cycle of robbery as a teenager to growing his own start up and motivating young people to create better futures for themselves. Find out how he overcame some of the challenges he faced as a solo founder, the importance of inspiring young people to create change and what he thinks is needed in London right now.

Vanessa Woolf

Vanessa, London’s resident storyteller, tells traditional and non-traditional tales of all kinds, often drawing on the history and folklore of London. She has previously told stories at the V&A Museum and Kensington Palace, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. She also regularly hosts public storytelling events in weird and wonderful spaces from woods and cemeteries to derelict buildings and underpasses.

Hear Vanessa share her insights and experiences in bringing people together through their love for stories and London, find out about her journey into the world of storytelling and discover some of the most mystical places around the city.

William Wong

William is a photographer and visual storyteller. He has been leading the Instagram community platform @london_only (LO) for over 3 years, with more than 40k followers, LO is known for its eclectic gallery that showcases the complex diversity of London; and provides critiques of winning images from their photography challenges.

Hear William share his insights and experiences in photographing London and share your ideas and experiences on how we can use the power of imagery to shape the uncertain future (hint hint Brexit).

Redhwan Ahmed and Ibraham Musa

Redhwan Ahmed and Ibrahim Musa are talented East London based photographers and co-founders of a creative collective Offcentr.

Hear Redhwan and Ibrahim share insights they have learnt from establishing a diverse creative community, find out about the photo-walks and events they organise across London and discover some of the best locations in London to shoot.


Kemi Akinola

Kemi Akinola, is the founder and CEO of Be Enriched and director of Brixton People's Kitchen. Recently named an Urban Food Hero, Kemi is chair of the Lambeth and Wandsworth food Partnerships. She is a qualified Youth Worker and Volunteer Manager, with over 18 years of experience working with young people and communities. A qualified youth worker she has postgraduate qualifications in Psychology, Advocacy and Therapeutic communication and is a Tedx Speaker. Kemi manages a small team delivering big impact across South London affecting everyday change to those most vulnerable, while making a profit.