“Saira has a wonderful way of re-enchanting London. She brings to life the places we often fail to notice and helps you to discover new delights along the way.

As a supporter of early stage entrepreneurs, I am always looking for new ways of getting entrepreneurs to connect to their own stories so they can spread the mission of what they do with more impact. Living London crafted a great experience providing entrepreneurs with a fresh perspective on place, connection and story”. -Caesar Gordon, Social Lab, 3Space

We were delighted to work with Saira on our local heritage project. She was able to research and plan a tour that supported our aims and engaged people from across the community. She has a great rapport with diverse audiences and we had nothing but positive feedback for her work. Thanks again, Saira!
— Sorcha, Ashford Place (Generations of Learning)

"What an inspiring and uplifting evening talk from David Lindo, hosted by the equally inspiring Saira. Looking forward to cracking the spine on David’s new book!" - W.T, Citizens of London

"Feeling inspired (and even more curious about the city, if that’s possible) after Rachel Wang talk tonight. Thanks Living London!" -E.P, Citizens of London

Saira is a brilliant guide and an excellent host. I’ve done many guided walks in London and hers was unique - she has boundless curiosity and was able to show me places that I’ve never heard of, let alone been to! Her love of London is also infectious and I left feeling inspired to venture out on my own wanderings more often. If you want to get to know the real London, from a Londoner, I’d highly recommend Saira’s walks.
— Charlotte, A Peace of London

"Saira's walk through Dalston was absolutely great!! She knows her stuff and showed me lots of really fascinating and beautiful places you wouldn't see if you were just walking through Dalston on your own. Besides her knowledge, Saira is super friendly and funny – so I'll definitely come back for more tours!" -Marion, Secret Dalston Wandering

"I bought Saira's Secret Dalston Wandering experience as a birthday gift to my friend and she really loved it. Saira was an excellent guide and we had so much fun together. She showed us to some of the coolest and most unknown places around Dalston and Stoke Newington and we got the chance to experience prayer in the Aziziye Mosque. I really recommend her!" - Maria, Airbnb Experience Guest

“I have been on two of Living London’s walking tours now and absolutely loved them! Not only does Saira take you to the local spots, she takes you to the hidden secret gems which, as a Londoner of over two years I would never have known a way to get to. Saira has amassed an impressive network and vast collection over the past decade, of truly unique stories about London’s fascinating people and history. Well worth an evening and morning spent in her very knowledgable company. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience of delving into London’s mysteries, I would highly recommend this tour which is itself a hidden gem!” - Chantelle

“Saira is the most kind and lovely guide tour in London. Her walking tour is full of history and amazing secrets spots in that beautiful city. I’ve been on three of Living London’s walking tours and I loved them! I highly recommend it!” - Ane- Mary, Secret Greenwich Peninsula, Secret Dalston and Secret Garden Wanderings

Fascinating project built up over the years showing some of the hidden glories of our great city.
— Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

“I had already been living in London for two years when I attended Saira's walking tour along Regent's Canal. It was so informative and I enjoyed it so much I went on a second tour a few months later that featured a visit to some hidden mews in Chelsea and a Russian orthodox church. It was so fun to be shown some secret spots and I ended up taking my family to one of the places when they visited me a few weeks later. It was great to see some of London's more off the beaten track sights as it's such a diverse and interesting city, yet it's very easy to get shuttled along the tourist track and spend days in the city without seeing a neighbourhood where London residents actually live! 

Saira is a lovely guide - so passionate and genuine. She treated everyone in our group (around 20 I think) as if they were a new friend and a small number of us joined her for Indian food after the tour! London can be an intimidating city sometimes so to have a friendly guide who is so knowledgeable about and in touch with modern London was very refreshing. I also really appreciated the value Saira places on involving the local community in her walks. If you want to experience a real slice of London life in 2019, booking a spot on any of Saira's tours is the way to go!” -Pamela S (via TripAdvisor)

 "Saira knows the city inside out and has a real talent for emboldening people to explore spaces which they might feel are somehow 'not for them', something which can hold students back when they are new to the country. She also leads walks which ask those on her tours to respond to what they see through images and writing--and lots more besides!  If you're planning any events for new students, Saira's tours are really something special -and great value too!" - Bianca, Resident Director, Cornell- Brown-Penn

“I went on the Tooting walking tour with Saira. Although it was the middle of freezing winter, Saira kept us all constantly laughing and engaged with her local knowledge and sense of humour. She showed us places around Tooting that even my friends who'd grown up in the area had never been to before! If you're interested in exploring more of London beyond its main attractions, I'd really recommend going on a Living London tour.

Saira also holds monthly talks at the CitizenM Hotel next to the Tower of London, where she invites and interviews a high-profile Londoner with an interesting story to tell. The event is free and a complete steal. I've never left one of her talks without a huge smile on my face and lots of stories to share.” - Olivia G, citizens of London and Secret Tooting wandering (via TripAdvisor)

Thanks so much for yesterday evening. Flanneur under the stars, possibly illegal acrobatics, oratory and a glimpse of Russia, a temple and a story half forgotten from childhood- perfect!
— N.K, Darkness Storytelling walk with London Dreamtime/ Vanessa Woolf

"This tour is for anyone who wishes to explore non-touristy areas in London (particularly Hackney). My favourite activity was the picnic we had in the cemetery. Made some new friends and Saira (tour guide now turned friend) made sure everyone felt included and comfortable. She's knowledgable, charismatic and does her best to fit everyone's request( for e.g. slower walking pace esp for ppl with bad knees). Thank you Saira!"  -Syakila, Secret Dalston Wandering

“Living London wanderings have given me the opportunity to discover the city I live in. I’ve re-established what a truly stunning, diverse and fascinating city London is. Saira is a wonderful guide who, despite the number of attendee’s manages to make you feel like a good friend. You can definitely grasp how hard Saira works to scout out new locations, both popular and obscure, providing us with little anecdotes, as well as intriguing mini-history lessons. It’s also been a great opportunity to socialise with like-minded people who share an appetite for learning and discovery. I think it’s a brilliant concept and I’m delighted to have stumbled upon it.“ -Sarah, Secret Walworth Wandering