Living London Blog

Over the years I’ve stumbled upon a myriad of awe inspiring places across London- within these places I’ve often met extraordinary people with stories both unique and inspiring. I set up the Living London blog (which initially started out as a book I began writing in 2013) to share the everyday explorations, experiences, encounters and imaginings that make up my London, the city I love and I live.

The original Living London blog is made up of a collection of over a thousand London places, photographs, stories, descriptions and poems- and it's growing still. Often I'll add newly discovered places and stories (London is inexhaustible). The blog is designed to inform and to inspire. The best way to use it is to click EXPLORE—& to see where you end up! 

NOTE: London is a rapidly changing city and as such many of the places I’ve written about may no longer exist/ or be accessible to the public. Please make sure you check before setting out! Also, I’ve had to re-visit lots of the places I’ve written about to take photos (visuals are so important & tell half the story) so the descriptions may not fully match the images. This is a work in progress! Finally it took me a lot of time, energy and effort to create this resource, so please use it, spread it and share your own London explorations by using the #LivingLondon hashtag and tagging @livinglon on your wanderings!